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Dear researchers 

To comply with the government's current restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus, please ensure that all research that  involves face-to-face contact stops immediately

If staff or students have obtained ethics approval and are in the process of data collection or are about to start data collection that involves face-to-face contact this must stop immediately. 

Please use the amendment sub-form on the MOREform site to seek to ethical approval for alternative ways to collect data by using other indirect means of contact such as the phone or video-conferencing. You will need to consider the data protection requirements if using particular video-conferencing facilities and ensure the following are updated: 

However, please be aware that we may receive a substantial number of amended ethics applications so we ask for your understanding as we try to process these as quickly as we can. 

This should not have any impact on students who have collected ALL their data. 

 If you are a supervisor and your students have not yet received ethics approval, please advise them that their research should not involve data collection through face-to-face contacts.

If you are a REC reviewer undertaking a review of current, future new or modified applications – do NOT approve any data collection involving face-to-face contact.

Wishing you all good health 

Dr Tracey Cockerton 

Chair of University Ethics Committee 

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