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Dear researchers

In England, to comply with the government's current restrictions to limit the spread of coronavirus (some of which may vary according to locations within England), please ensure that all research follows the government's latest requirements and advice: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

If you are working outside England, please check the requirements for the location where your research is to be conducted.

It is still safer to collect data using indirect means of contact such as the phone, online surveys or video-conferencing*. Some individuals may not feel ready to resume contact with others as lockdown restrictions are lifted and researchers need to be mindful of the effects of covid-19 and/or lockdown on individuals' emotional well-being, and this should be recognised in the research design and mitigated against to support participants. 

You will need to consider the data protection requirements for your research with human participants and how to manage this using indirect means of contact (e.g, by phone, online surveys or video-conferencing facilities) and ensure the following are completed accurately;

* Further information on data protection is provided in section 5, and guidance on using online systems for research can be found in section 7. We've also provided guidance on how to create anonymous online surveys, and online participant form and consent form templates in Qualtrics for you in section 4

If you are a supervisor please check your student's application to ensure it follows the government's latest position on coronavirus: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

If you are a REC reviewer undertaking a review of current, future new or modified applications please check applications to ensure they comply with the government's latest requirements and advice on coronavirus: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Wishing you all good health 

Dr Tracey Cockerton 

Chair of University Ethics Committee 

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