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Research Ethics Committees and names of Chairs and Administrators

1. Arts and the Creative Industries - Chair: Prof Vida Midgelow, Administrator: Eve Sevume Kauma

2. Health & Social Care - Chair: Dr Gordon Weller, Administrator: John Piscopides

3. Education - Chair: Dr Mona Sakr,  Administrator, Shams Sadiq

4. Business - Chair: Dr David Kernohan, Administrator: Patrice Ryan-Cogle (Economics), James Mitchell, Elena Stamou, Caique Vieira Cerri,  Laura Sutcliffe (Management & Leadership), Cherelle Pitter (Marketing, Branding and Tourism), Anna Vadilonga (Accounting & Finance/Management & Leadership)

5. Law - Chair: Dr Alice Donald,  Administrator: Elizabeth Sylvanus-Ley (Criminology & Sociology), Alicja Prochniak (Politics)

6. Psychology -  Chairs: Dr Nicola Brunswick, Dr Camille Alexis-Garsee, Administrators: Monica Izzara Milan, Judy Mattis and Sonia Dubois

7. London Sport Institute -  Chair: Dr Rhonda Cohen/Prof Nic James, Administrator: Colin Allison

8. Natural Science - Chair: Sandra Appiah, Deputy Chair Patrick Tobi, Administrator: Stephanie Bee

9. Computing - Chair: Dr Carlisle George, Administrator: Ana Baluarte Cavaquinho

10. Social Work & Mental Health – Dr Margaret Volantes, Administrator: Teresa Harris (Social Work), John Piscopides (Mental Health) 

10. Dubai - Chair: Dr Cody Paris

11. Mauritius - Chair: Dr Mahensigh Deonaran, Administrator: Madvi Geerjanan

12. Hong Kong - Chair: Dr Raymond Fok

13. DProf TD – Chair: Dr Kate MaguireAdministrator, Shams Sadiq

14. WBL– Chair: Ruth Miller