Frequently Asked Questions

Login details and access

How do I login into the system
You can log into the system using your normal Middlesex University Staff user name and password.
How do I know what type of access I have?
Your access will be pre-determined. When you initially log on to the system your profile will be setup dependent on the information received from the Chair of your Ethics Committee.

Reviewing Amendment Forms

When reviewing an amendment form the original form comments are unavalable.
click the ‘Project’ Tab a tree diagram will appear, click top of tree to access original form and its comments.

Misc Errors

Why have my review comments not come out on the application
Please check to ensure that you have made the comments in the correct area of the application (please see Reviewer Guide)


As a Reviewer I have not received notifications for applications sent to me for review.
A. This happens when either Infonetica or Middlesex are updating their systems. Try logging directly into the MORE system at Https:// In your work area click into the tile entitled ‘For You to Review’, where you will find all the active applications that have been sent to you review.

Applicant Issues

An Applicant has submitted their application by mistake and it now LOCKED how do i get the application unlocked.
Contact the Committee Administrator to ‘reject' your application to unlock the application.

Administration Issues

An application has been subitted into my area but we have no subject knowledge.
Ask you admin to transfer to another REC.
As a chair can I override the Decisions made by the reviewer?
as Chair you can
Reviewer comments are not showing in the Minor/resub letters
Go to Panel comments – click 'Make visible...' box in grey near top right of screen,

Reviewer questions

When does an applicant have to complete a Travel Approval form
When the applicant is traveling outside of their country of residence/study.